GFR Computer Ranking - Oct 31st

2 unbeaten's fall from the ranks of the unbeatens, and the teams that beat them capitalize and move up in the GFR Rankings.  Missouri is beaten by Nebraska, and falls from 3 to 5.  The Huskers move from 9 to 7.  The Spartans last week were #5, get trounced in Iowa City by the Hawkeyes.  The Hawkeyes move from 17 to 9.  Michigan State fell to 14.

The rest of the top 10 the Boise State Broncos and Auburn Tigers continue to hold tight to those top 2 spots.  Boise actually increasing their lead over #2 Auburn.

The Top 10.

1.  Boise State
2.  Auburn
3.  TCU
4.  Oregon
5.  Missouri
6.  Utah
7.  Nebraska
8.  Ohio State
9.  Iowa
10.  Oklahoma

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