Big Ten Awards - Week 8

3 games in to the conference season and a few teams are making statements.  Michigan State is reminding me a lot of Iowa last year.  Getting breaks and having a little luck go their way on bounces.  Down 17-0 they came back to win 35-27 in Evanston.  Now 8-0 and head to Iowa City this week.

In Iowa City this week, Wisconsin, with the help of a fake punt and missed fg and pat by Iowa, moved the Badgers to 7-1/3-1 with wins coming over the two league favorites Iowa & Ohio State.

Ohio State came off their loss to the Badgers and rolled up the Boilermakers. Then in Champaign the Illini destroyed the one dimensional Hoosiers.

Helmet Sticker - Kirk Cousins, QB, Michigan State.  The Spartan QB threw for 329 yards and 3 touchdowns, one being the eventual go ahead score to lead the Spartans back over the Wildcats.  Michigan State now is 8-0/4-0 and really are 1 tough road game at Iowa from running the table.

Team of the Week - Wisconsin.  A power game that went back and forth with the Hawkeyes, the Badgers took 6+ minutes off the clock, and scored with 1 minute left to take a 31-30 lead and then held off the Hawkeyes last drive with 3 timeouts to win.  They also blocked a PAT by the Hawkeyes that enabled the Badgers to get out of Iowa city with the Heartland trophy and a fresh new top 10 ranking.

Highlight of the Week - The juggling catch by BJ Cunningham from Kirk Cousins that gave the Spartans the lead over Northwestern.  The view from a fan on the sideline, and obviously in a Michigan State section.

Picks - 3-2 on the weekend and had a chance to pick up a game in the Jimmy John Challenge but stayed even.

Conf - 12-7
Season - 51-11
JJ Challenge (-2)

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