Big Ten Predictions – Week 8

Michigan State (7-0/3-0) vs Northwestern (5-1/1-1) – 11am ESPN
Michigan State takes its unbeaten record on the road to Evanston to take on the Wildcats.  For the ‘Cats to pull the upset Persa needs to stick in the pocket and toss for probably 300+ and no picks.  I think Greg Jones and company stick it out with a win in a shoot out.  And remember these teams have had shoot outs in the past. PICK  SPARTANS

Penn State (3-3/0-2) vs Minnesota (1-6/0-3) – 11am ESPNU
Yea I don’t know how this game is going to go.  Penn State isn’t good.  Minnesota is worse and just canned Tim Brewster.  I think with a week off Penn State has time to prepare and show up in Minneapolis with a win, but will put them on upset alert.  I think the Gophers will keep it close but come up just short again.  PICK  NITTANY LIONS

Purdue (4-2/2-0) vs Ohio State (6-1/2-1) – 11am Big Ten Network
Let’s see, OSU is coming off a loss to Wisconsin and lost its #1 ranking and controlling it’s own destiny for another Big Ten Title.  Now gets to play a Purdue team who beat them last year.  Revenge on their mind and now being pissed after the loss.  Buckyes Big!  PICK  BUCKEYES

Indiana (4-2/0-2) vs Illinois (3-3/1-2) – 11am Big Ten Network
Another game I can see going both ways, especially if Ben Chappelle can get hot.  Illinois has the D that can stimy Ben a bit.  Indiana needs this win a lot more than Illinois does.  The Hoosiers can put points up on the board, can Illinois keep up?  PICK  HOOSIERS

Wisconsin (6-1/2-1) vs Iowa (5-1/2-0)
230pm ABC
The Badgers come in the toast of the week after beating the #1 Buckeyes in Madison.  Iowa went into the Big House and was up 21 points before Michigan put together some late scores to make it close.  The Bull is on the line and also a big spot in the Big Ten Title race.  Iowa has owned Wisconsin the last two years, taking their manhood, and the Badgers strengths on offense play into the Hawkeyes strength on defense.  I think it comes down to the Iowa back 7 vs the Wisconsin WR/TE.  Iowa’s offense is going to do what it does and get its points, Wisconsin’s Defense isn’t scary like the Hawks is.  Iowa I think brings the Badgers down to earth and keeps the Bull in Iowa City, 31 – 13.  PICK  HAWKEYES

Bye – Michigan
Jimmy John’s Challenge -2

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  1. Michigan State (7-0/3-0) vs Northwestern (5-1/1-1) – Michigan State gets caught looking ahead…Northwestern pulls off the upset.

    Penn State (3-3/0-2) vs Minnesota (1-6/0-3) – I expect Penn St to come out of the big week & look a lot sharper. Playing a team in disarray after firing their coach this week will help. Penn St wins.

    Purdue (4-2/2-0) vs Ohio State (6-1/2-1) – Ohio St takes some frustrations out on Purdue & wins going away.

    Indiana (4-2/0-2) vs Illinois (3-3/1-2) – I think Illinois takes this one.

    Wisconsin (6-1/2-1) vs Iowa (5-1/2-0) – Iowa matches up well with the Badgers…& they have a let-down after their big win last week – Hawkeyes win this one.