2010 Summer Movies Awards

So I've seen 6 movies this summer, and again I will award my awards for Hollywood's big blockbusters.

The movies I've seen this summer are the following. Iron Man 2, A-Team, Eclipse, Toy Story 3, Karate Kid and Inception. I think compared to past years, this summer was a bummer in the movie category. There were still some good movies out there, but compared to past years and what is to come, I think that it ranks as a low grade summer.

Best Movie – Toy Story 3
Best Dude – Jackie Chan : Mr Han : Karate Kid
Best Dudette – Kristen Stewart : Bella : Eclipse
Best Scene – The end of Toy Story 3 when Andy goes to college
Best Fight – Dre Parker vs 6 other kids : Karate Kid
Biggest Dud – Iron Man 2
Anticipated Sequel – The Avengers / Iron Man 3 - They have to do something better I would think.
Summer movie not seen that I want too – Expendables and Prince of Persia and Robin Hood


  1. Kristen Stewart? Really? Really?
    I'm so disappointed in you, Matt!

  2. I didn't really have any other leading women in the movies I saw. Gwenneth was more of a supporting role in Iron Man. Maybe the lil girl in Karate Kid. And the Jessica in ATeam was more of a supporting role.

  3. Ok, the girl from inception could have been there. I might have to rethink, but the blog is posted, don't think I can strip Bella of her award.