Who's in your 5? - Mmm that's Tasty

Top 5 food
Honorable Mention – anything mom makes, mom’s the best cook and learned a few things from her. She’s the master, and I don’t know if I’m close to an apprentice.

5. Scallops – bacon wrapped on the grill or swimming in garlicky butter. I’m not a big fish fan, but give me all the scallops I can eat!

4. Peaches – nothing can stop me in my tracks at the grocery store quicker than walking by the produce section and the sweet luscious smell of peaches hits my nose. I’ll stop right in my tracks. And before my first bite I have to have one last smell.

3. Deep fried Turkey – inject that bad bird up with some seasoning and throw it in the oil. Love the flavor of the meat when it comes out. And the crunchiness of the skin.

2. Pulled BBQ pork sandwich topped with slaw – I rarely get these but when I do they are soooo good. Peach pie afterwards is a nice topper.

1. Chicago Style pizza. Sure new York style is good too but if I could have any type of pizza I would want a Chicago Style pizza. One piece is a meal in itself. I like gino’s east but I know other is Chicago all have their favorites.

What are your favorites?


  1. You ummmm totally just made me throw up a little in my mouth. Thanks for that!