My son….what can i say??

Ok, so right now my favorite song is Brad Paisley’s “Anything Like Me” It’s a song about him and his son. Go get it on iTunes it’s a good song! The last word spoken just makes me want to leave work every time I hear it and go get my son and get away from everything. Go to the Lake, throw rocks, play cars, or give ‘Noggin.

But where did the clumsiness come in? Please tell me it’s a 2-3 year old thing? Daycare must think he is beaten at home. When he was younger he would always hit his head, bump it on EVERYTHING possible. His 2 year pictures he has a nice quarter size bruise above his left eye. Along with a mark on his right cheek. That’s about how he looks all the time!

He’s a fricken walking talking breathing battle action He-Man. Really. I think he needs bubble wrap before he goes anywhere, though he’d still get hurt.

Ok, so with that back drop of info for you, let me fast forward you to Sunday. Or rewind. Or something.
He and his sister are playing in his room at his lil Lightning McQueen table. His cars are all over his room. I go sit on his bed to talk to them and he comes give me a hug and says “I love you Daddy” and goes back over to the table. One of his cars is a BIG car and he’s standing on it like it’s a roller skate. I look away for a second, and look back in time to see him go chin first into his table. Tears come. My first thought is he’s teeth went through his lip. He comes crying over to me, look in his mouth, and his teeth are fine, just a nice half to quarter inch cut/scratch parallel to his lip right above his chin. Get it all cleaned up and a Transformer band aid on it. All good.

Now last night. I got home from the gym and went downstairs to shower. I go into turn on the shower and hear the familiar pitter patter of footsteps coming down the wood stairs. Bray is saying “daddy, you down here?” I look back to talk to him and he is knelt over looking to see if anything is on the TV in the messy man cave I have down stairs. Less than a second later he was a bent a little bit too far over and proceeded to slide down the carpeted wood stairs.

Basically this is what it sounded like. Thud-thud-thud-whap-crash-plastic hitting hard wood(his batman happy meal toy)-thud-bump-flip-flop-crash-bump-crash. SHIT! ß (that was from me, not him)

I run out of the bathroom and get to him as his last roll down the bottom stair and he bumped his head on the last stair and floor. He isn’t crying yet but just laid there for a split second. Then looked at me and started screaming crying. I picked him up and held him. His mother came running down and was like what happened. I replayed the sounds basically as he kept crying. At first I thought something was wrong with his right arm/hand since his fingers were stuck in a GI Joe formation where they fingers weren’t moving. Asked him what hurt and he cryingly said “MY RAM HURTS!” His arm to translate those who don’t speak ‘Brady’.

After about a minute of cuddling and stuff I picked up Batman and gave it to him, he grabbed it with his opposite hand and I was thinking more like something was ok. But he got up and said he wanted all the lights on, and then went to turn all the lights on with his hurt arm. Seconds later the crying stopped and all was right in the world. Just a bruise on his thigh from that fall.

Seriously where’s the next injury gonna come from? And how much will it hurt? I usually just tell myself it’s his pre-training to become a bad ass linebacker. Especially since he has his sinister Joker laugh going usually a few minutes after he stops crying. Please tell me he is normal. Anyone out there?

I had my share of bumps and bruises so maybe Brayden is a lot like me and 30 years is just harder for me to remember.


  1. He's a boy. It's normal. Mine is a bruiser too. He will probably give you several minor heart attacks in the coming years. That's to be expected, really.


  2. It's completely normal! Not only because of his age, but also because he's a boy! And I'm sure it will just get worse as he gets older, and more adventurous! Haha!

  3. Shit quit freaking out! He's fine... you know he's not going to be a wimpy guy that's for sure!!

    Takes after his daddy in most ways I'm betting.

    He's a doll!

  4. I'm not freaking out. I usually tell him rub some dirt or spit on it a get on going. He usually does.