How to determine a Champion. By dummies

I’ve heard about 50/50 on Boise today at work. A lot of people don’t like them because they think they are gimmicky, are good based on their schedule and when they have a month to prep for a big boy team they can come out on top. Some if not most of that is true. Like Steve Deace said, with Boise schedule Iowa State would be favored in 9 of the 12 games. So playing in the WAC helps. Moving to the Mountain West may help next year, but the loss of Utah there and BYU will hurt a bit. And then again who knows what the landscape of college football will look like in a few more years?

That game last night though was a classic. Sure maybe there was a block in the back. The flag was thrown, then taken back. They drove down. Virginia Tech was still ahead and had to stop them. They didn’t. Boise won. Now they have a path to the BCS title game and people are upset.

If your upset you should also be upset at 2 things. Preseason Rankings, and the BCS. Rankings that determine the BCS Champion shouldn’t be released this early. Thank you Harris Poll. But still your human and copy the SID’s. But if you put two teams so high early, aka Alabama or Florida last year. If they run the table you “CAN’T” drop them. But if another team, say an Auburn ala 2004 is great and runs the table, you can’t drop the top 2 teams. You screwed yourself.

My computer rankings I won’t release this week, mostly because of division by 0, but after one week Colorado is #1. Really will they be there all year. NO. And I might get laughed off into oblivion. But I will release at week 2. Now my rankings are fluid for the current year. Nothing based on previous year or expectations go in to it. It’s all about how you play on the field vs. your competition. And with that being said, I will post after week 2 my rankings.

Second is the BCS. It’s a joke way to determine the Champion. Most years there is a debate about a team that was left out. Everyone yearly can name the 3rd team that should have a shot. Similar to team 65 or 66 that was left out. The next thing that is terrible is that HUMANS with a huge bias, the Coaches aka SID’s, have a part in the process. Seriously? So an SID from Iowa State won’t give preference to Big XII teams rather than those from the SEC, Big Ten or ACC? Writers do this. Writers have points they want to prove. The Harris Poll voters do the same. There are at least more of them but really they don’t know anything either. The computers do it right. There should be an RPI type system for college football. Or just use mine!

But to determine a champ, get the conference champions. Right now there are 6 BCS. Take the next 10 highest ranked teams. Home games for the champions and the higher ranked teams. The losers then filter to the bowls along with the teams not making the championship. The final 4 play out in the Jerry dome, the Rose Bowl or Tempe. Easy. There your national champion is determined on the field, instead of on a piece of paper. God helps us when the electoral college gets involved to pick the national champion.

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