Best and Worst of the Weekend

Best of the Weekend / Worth of the Weekend

Ok, once again copying is the best form of flattery, so I’m going to copy the Dan Patrick Show with this on Mondays. On the DP show it’s mostly all sports. Mine will have some sports flung in there but will mostly be about life. So with that, we will start.

Best of the Weekend – My daughter at her soccer game. It was her second week of games and well she had a great improvement from week 1 to week 2. Mom and Dad showed up at the soccer field. She was aggressive and got in there and got a lot of kicks in. Almost got her 2nd and 3rd goals but she just missed. She defended a lot though and out played great defense. My son can’t wait till he can go play. He’s going to be an ANIMAL!

Worst of the Weekend – um, there are still leaves in the gutter. It was too nice to completely work the weekend away. So Sunday instead of mowing, trimming the bushes and gutters, I only got one of those done. The yard looks great. The gutters still need cleaned. Anyone wanna help?

I do have a worst from the sports world. The Lions got gipped, Calvin Johnson scored. He had 6. The Bears should have lost. He didn’t complete the act of the catch? Are you kidding me NFL?

What's your Best and Worst of the Weekend?


  1. And um, you know Busch took second in Sprint Cup...

    The Chase is starting next week... Positions locked in. Busch starts 3rd.

    Just sayin.

  2. Is him finishing 2nd your best or worst?

  3. well you didn't elaborate :P