Best and Worst of the Weekend

Best – Hanging out with my kids and singing with my son. He loves Luke Bryan’s Rain Is A Good Thing. And if you know the song there is a part in the song he sings “We hunt our hunnies down” and in the video he acts like he’s pulling a bow back. Well my son loves that part and does his best imitation of it.

Also my daughter, had a soccer game again. (this will be part of my worst), but she played really well and got in there and kicked and had some fast breaks. Then she had a birthday party with a friend she used to go to preschool with. Just to see her smile and them hug and her react when they saw each other for the first time in months was cool. She came home wired.

And the Hawks won! 3-1 with Penn State this week.

Worst – Well like I said, there was a worst from the soccer game. Addy has been getting more aggressive in soccer which I’m proud of. And with that she’s been getting knocked around a bit. And well this game Sunday was the most physical I’ve seen. Addy got in there in a scrum and was kicking and got pushed and got a ball in the face. Hurt her nose. Came over to me crying. Got back in there and about 20 mins later her and a teammate bumped heads. Other kids took headers into the ball, got tackled and the coaches kid took a face plant into the ground. So that was probably the worst part, seeing her hurt, but I was proud of her getting back in there.

One other worst was that the Bears play on Monday, Sunday’s aren’t the same without them, but Monday’s are great with them.


  1. I saw that pic when you tweeted it last night. Really good one!

  2. Yea, my son gives me some pretty good faces, and with my iPhone I can snap them pretty quick.

  3. He's too funny! And poor Addy, but it sounds like she's a tough cookie!

  4. I’m glad she got back in there, she did good. She needs to toughen up a little, but she’s getting better. I thought after she was on the ground and got the ball kicked at her face that she was done for the day