Where were you when the world stopped turning?

9 years? Can't it be really that long since that tragic day in New York City, Washington DC and a field in Pennsylvania? Wow. I still remember that day and most everything that happened on that day.

I was at Iowa State in college. It was Iowa-Iowa State rivalry week. RV Tv was going on. I had a class at 11 and went along my day like past Tuesday's. I woke up around 9, turned the tv on to Regis and Kelly, (Yea i know shut up.) and saw they island of lower Manhattan, in what at first seemed to me to be a foggy day. Regis and Kelly would somtimes show the city outside in their first 15 mins so I thought nothing of it, and the sound wasn't that loud either, and my contacts also not in, so I went and showered.

After that and getting dressed I noticed they were still showing the city, and I was like WTF? And then actually heard them talking about the planes. I went immediately online and saw on Yahoo.com that planes had struck. Then called my brother and was like, is this for real? He told me he saw the 2nd one hit.

I like most people where glued to the tv. I remember watching the towers fall. First then the 2nd. It was amazing, shocking and sad to see the destruction a few people had caused because of our way of life.

I went to class, not wanting to miss seeing anything, but when I got to class I'll never forget what happened. My professor came in and you could tell he was crying, and we just started to talk a little bit about what happened. After 15 minutes his eyes started to well up again and said, we are dismissing early.

I had to work that night at Target, and it was the quietest night of work EVER. I don't think I saw more than 20 customers in the 6 hours I worked. I got home and continued to watch till I crashed.

The most amazing thing after the planes hit was the way this country was unified. No democrats, no republicans, no cyclones, no hawkeyes, we were Americans. It's sad that it took a tragedy like that to make us proud to be who we are and work together.

With that being said, never forget.

And where were you when the world stopped turning?

Below is Lee Greenwoods 9-11 Mix of Proud to be An American

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  1. I was a senior in high school... ;)

    My best friend and I skipped school to go shoe shopping and 'other things'...

    We got back to her house and her parents had 3 TVs lined up so they could watch several channels at once and ever on of them said 'America Under Attack'...

    It was fucking horrible.

    This was beautifully written baby.