Who's in your 5 - Villains

So a few months back I did a Who's in your 5 - Superheros, and well I should return the favor to the guys the Superheros battle.  The VILLIANS!  It's more fun to be bad isn't it?  Hell yes!  So here we go!

First some honorable mention.  Steve Bartman/Alex Gonzlez, Magneto, Dr Doom, Barry Bonds.

5.  The Predator - kick ass and taking names.  He made Jesse Ventura have time to bleed.  Took down Carl Weathers.  Even eventually destroyed Aliens.  But couldn't get past Ahhhnold.  He's one ugly motha fucker.  But he backed it up.

4.  Freddy Krueger - The 1980's villain from the cheesy Nightmare on Elm Street movies, in the first few movies made you not want to go to sleep.  Ultimately the movies got worse and worse, then came Freddy vs Jason in a royal rumble of bad guys.

3.  The Terminator - Not from T2 or T3, the original.  Arnold's cyborg was a bad ass.  It's always more fun to be bad, and this guy was BAD.  I remember when this came out in 1984, I was only 6, and watching it at home I was freaked out.

2.  Darth Vader - I think he's the most powerful badass in the universe and would be number 1 but as Luke said in Return of the Jedi, "I sense good in you." He'd kick your ass with the light saber or force choke you if you got in his way.  

1.  The Joker - really is there a better villain?  He doesn't play by any rules.  He's a maniac.  He wants mass chaos.  He's pure EVIL!  There is no better villain, and is a perfect compliment to BATMAN.  The one sad thing is we won't be able to see Heath Ledger's joker in the 3rd Batman movie again.  It's the best cinematic performance I've ever seen!

Those are my 5, who's yours?


  1. I have to agree with your number 1. His rendition of the joker was simply bad ass and I can watch it over and over on blu ray.

    I think I would have to add chucky into mine, since that creepy fucking fire crotch doll scared the piss out of me when I was younger. My step-dad used to say he was under our bed, so I would not step onto the floor unless I was pretending to outrun the cops.

  2. You know I never watched Chucky. Just wasn't something I cared to watch.

    Yea, Heath was amazing in that role. When I heard he got that role i was iffy at first at what it would be like but damn, it was amazing.