Who's in your 5? Vacations/Trips

Ok, so I haven't gone to a lot of places or as many trips as I want to but I'm going to give this a shot for 5.

5. 1988 Trip to Chicago.  When I was about 5 my parents took my brother and sister to Chicago, and left me at home.  So in 1988 it was my turn, just mom dad and I.  The only thing I remember on the drive in is hitting a duck with the car, and seeing the Sears Tower.  We stayed at the Exel Inn.  Went to the museums, Gino's East and the Married W Children Fountain.  But my highlight was my first trip to Wrigley Field.  The Cubs played the Phillies, my brothers fav team and I so wanted them to win.  The Cubs were down 1-0 when Dave Martinez hit a homer with Shawon Dunston on and the Cubs won 2-1.  Sutcliffe pitched and I got to see all my favorite players.  Loved it.  Oh and Harry Carey!

4.  2003 Trip to Colorado.  Between my internship and last class at ISU I had some time to kill.  I had a friend in Denver whose mom was sick.  I thought I'd go out there on a whim, at noon one day to go see her and hang out.  Never been there so it was a first time for me.  I drove 13 hours straight, and drank 2 liters of Mt Dew.  It was cool waking up there and seeing mountains.  Went to a Rockies game, almost got 3 homer run balls, got none.  Went to the Coors Brewery and saw Buffalo Bill Cody's grave.  Was a fun trip!  The drive back sucked.

3.  2002 Iowa road trip to Ann Arbor.  Harmon's last road trip.  We stopped in Chicago on Thursday night.  Went to a bar, and I "got" 2 new Bears glasses.  Hit Ann Arbor and ate the best burrito I've had at a bowling alley.  Then hit the Michigan-Alaska Anchorage hockey game.  It was louder then the football game.  Then hit a bar, and it was ALL IOWA fans.  The next day we tailgated, and went to Michigan Stadium.  Got a picture with Keith Murphy and then went to our seats.  Michigan's SuperFan was only a few sections away.  The Hawkeyes dominated the game.  34-9.  Michigan's worst home loss in 35 years.  If not for a long Navarre run, the Wolverines would have had negative rushing yards.  That night we hit a bar, Mike, Westy and I were drunk.  Harmon can't drink.  We let him drive home.  Now Harmon has a disease that I can't really remember but he shakes a lot.  Better him driving than 3 drunks right?  We go to our hotel and on the way there Harmon takes us down a wrong way of a one way, swerving past 4 cops.  The 3 of us are busting a gut, Harmon is sweating bullets.  We go to park and and Harmon hits the curb.  Later that night we get ready for bed and my brother says "Good Night Jeff Gordon".  It was Classic

2.  2003 Iowa Road Trip to Columbus.  The road trip started out on Thursday and we headed to Normal, Illinois.  We stopped at a bar.  Watched Aaron Boone hit a homer in game 7 to beat the RedSox in the ALCS.  Sang the Iowa fight song and then Mike fell in a hole at 2am after he said he was going to bury me.  Classic moment.  Then on to Columbus.  Friday night hit Brothers, and then well I had too much to drink.  Well leave it at that.  Saturday we went to the game, no offensive touchdowns and the Hawks lost, but the rest of the night is EPIC. We went to an authentic German restaurant.  MMM...Dunkel!  Then the Ohio PTA.  About 1000 women were having a slumber party at the hotel we were staying at.  We crashed it.  Our shirts were off....and then about 10 of them said they wanted to go out.  We obliged.  We went to a a bar, danced and drank, stayed out and up till 4.  Left the hotel at 730.  I slept Columbus to Des Moines, about 12 hours.  it was awesome.

1.  Trip to New York City.  My dad is a big time Yankees fan and the House that Ruth built was coming to an end in 2008.  My brother and I and my mom had an idea that on Father's Day we'd surprise him with tickets to the last Yankees-RedSox game in Yankee Stadium.  We spent 3 days in New York City, stayed at the Waldorf~Astoria hotel and did all the touristy stuff.  It was a great trip that I wish we could do yearly.  I have a blog dedicated to it separately if you want to check it out.

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