What's for supper?

The question I fear most nights.

It’s one I ask every night, its one I try to answer every night. The dreaded “What’s for supper” question. It’s one that I dread but need answered nightly! What to have. What to make that the kids will eat and like, and do I give them a choice? There are times in the year that we get in ruts and it’s like the same thing each week or so, the grocery list can be written for a few weeks the exact same.

Now there are times I enjoy the question. When it first hits spring and its nice out and I can break out the grill. I can pretty much write the menu in my head for 5 of the 7 days. Burgers, Brats, Steaks, pork chops, bbq chicken. EASY! Add in some potato packets to through on the grill, later in the summer throw corn on the cob. Done! Easy. Even when it hits about harvest and fall I can do it. There will be chili and other soup, meatloaf, and tatortot casserole and kielbasa casserole. Flavors and tastes that I haven’t had in a while.

But then after a week or so into each food season (Yes I think you can only eat certain foods in certain seasons – pumpkin bars not as good in spring as the fall) and it’s like man I’m tired of this. But it’s what is known how to make it, it’s easy, it’s there, something the kids like. But then it gets to be, I don’t want that food. Eck, it’s no good, but it’s in my comfort zone of what I make and what I know others like to eat.

I know there is the option of asking the kids what they want every night, and believe me I’ve done it but I can’t eat macaroni and cheese nightly or PB&J. Add in eating out, but it’s just too damn expensive and usually when I get done eating I see how much I’m spending and think of how many groceries and meals I could have bout with that money for this one meal. Like last night, had Chinese, and when I’m putting the leftovers away, I thought how many brats/buns and burgers I could have got. Also how much sodium I just put into my system.

So….for those of you reading this….I’m asking for help, and asking you the question…What’s for supper?

What are your favorite things to make? Do you get into ruts too? Tell me what to make!


  1. I totally agree with eating certain foods in certain seasons! Start checking out Foodnetwork.com and Kraft.com, etc. for tons of great new recipes :)

  2. What's something you like? I need suggestions! :P