2010 - Week 1 Big Ten Awards

Back in the day, ok about 2000-2002 I was in a yahoo group with other Big Ten fans. We had a thing we did weekly of picking the team of the week. I'm going to expand that on my blog into something a little more. Big Ten Week Awards. Friday I'll also pick all the games on here. This week I did go 11-0 on my picks. I will post though for record.

Week one of the 2010 College Football season is done in the Big Ten. Big Ten went 9-2 on the week. Notre Dame tripped up Purdue and Illinois's struggles vs Missouri. Minnesota and Northwestern hung on to win their first games. The rest of the league rolled to nice wins.

Team of the Week - Michigan. They put to rest the doubters. A lot of people thought the Huskies could come into the Big House and come out with a W. Michigan put that them down early and looked good doing it.

Helmet Sticker - Denard Robinson, QB, Michigan. Dang near 400 yards for the the Wolverine QB rushing and passing combined and a couple touchdowns.

Game of the Week - Northwestern vs Vanderbilt. Cats win 23-21

Highlight of the Week - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6kbwQAIR10E - really a dude is back and walking, it's a good story.

New thing from Big Ten Network/Buffalo Wild Wings...(and damn i love technology!)
Highlights of the week:

Week 1 (11-0)
Season (11-0)

Games next week should be really good. Michigan battles Notre Dame, Penn State takes on #1 Alabama and Iowa vs Iowa State battle in Kinnick Stadium.

Oh and yes, Indiana fans, that's right your on top of the Big Ten for a week!

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