Best and Worst of the Weekend

Best – well I didn’t go to work on Saturday and Sunday. Kind of a rough weekend. Saturday morning the boy and I went to the Beaverdale parade and though it rained, we had fun. Got a lot of candy. Some tattoos and 2 footballs! Brayden even made a new girlfriend by sharing tootsie rolls. And the Bears beat the Cowboys. Who are these Bears? 2-0? I’m shocked. OH, and Brayden had a dry diaper last night. Then went #1 in the potty a lot! Maybe closer to being potty trained.

Worst – well can it be most of the weekend? Saturday and Sunday the weather blew! Rain all weekend. It was chilly which I don’t mind that, but the rain sucked. I think that the weather affected all of our attitudes too. The kids didn’t get to burn enough energy, they were grumpy and didn’t listen. And Brayden didn’t sleep well. He wouldn’t fall asleep. It really affected me and stressed me out and I know I need to get better at that, but I still think he needs to get under control how he acts. Oh and the Hawks game. We lost. Dug a hole but outplayed Arizona. Oh well, it’s not a conference game. I still see 8 Big Ten games there on the slate. 1 loss doesn’t ruin my season.

So here’s to a better week and weekend coming up.

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