GFR Rankings - September 26th

Well it should be fun next week in Tuscaloosa!  It will be a #1 vs #2 GFR match-up.  The Gators hold the top spot this week, and it is most likely that the winner of the game will be #1 next week.  Last year both teams were 1-2 until the Crimson Tide won the SEC Championship game.

There is also a top 10 match-up going on in Eugene with the Ducks hosting Stanford in a battle of the two best teams in the Pac-10.

This weeks top 10 is again heavy with SEC schools bookend at the top and bottom.  3 Pac-10 schools in the middle along with 2 surprise Big XII schools

The GFR Top 10.
1.  Florida
2.  Alabama
3.  Arizona
4.  Missouri
5.  Stanford
6.  TCU
7.  Oklahoma State
8.  Oregon
9.  LSU
10. Auburn

Remember if your following the rankings, the GFR changes with EVERY game.  Things will get interesting this week and from here on out as conference play really heats up.

The complete GFR Rankings

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